Welcome to my world of custome portraits of houses and places

Do you have that special place? The one that makes your heart goes a bit faster?

Let me help you illustrate it

Regardless if you are looking for an illustration to your company, your new business or of a loved family home I can help you with it. It will be one of a kind, handmade and unique. Bespoke art from my heart to yours. 
Well, doesn't that sound good? 
Let me show you what I can do!

It is all in the details

Because its them that make a whole 

When I was a child I loved art where you could look at it for a long time and still see new things. A flower I haven´t seen before, the shape of the reflection in the window, the different shades of green in the leafs. This is the way I look at life. Its all in the details and there is always something new to be discovered. 


This is how I paint. As you can see, I use a lot of colours but what I dont  use is a ruler. I find it way more charming this way. Life isn´t about perfection and neither is my art. Its  about creating a feeling, a picture where your imagination can travel and your heart goes warm.
You can see more of what I do on Instagram and I also have my own Etsy-shop.
You will find the link to the shop on the next page.

What do you wish for?

A one of a kind?

When ordering a custom house portrait that is exactly what you get. First I handpaint it with ink. When its dry, I then colour it with aquarelle from Winsor & Newton. For finest quality I only use the 300 g cold pressed sheet from the french company Arches. When ready to leave my studio I carefully pack it and then send it out to you, where ever you are located in the world.
Would you like to send prints of it to your friends, family or customer? I will help you with that as well. Do you want to have your companys fasade as a new logo? An art piece of the church where you got married? The restaurant where you proposed? I can do it all.